Marley Spoon and the War on Waste
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Marley Spoon and the War on Waste

Dear Marley

I’ve had three weeks of having your boxes dropped at my doorstep and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful the experience has been. Not having to step into a supermarket, scan and bag my groceries or trying to think about what else I could have for dinner around my neighbourhood when I don’t feel like cooking. Not to mention, waiting for the pin to move on my Foodora delivery.

For three weeks, there were smells wafting out of my kitchen that would have made my mother proud. I met new neighbours I never knew who were loitering in the corridor sniffing out the source. I loved the feathery crispiness of your panko crumbed chicken schnitzel that I breaded with my bare hands. Learning I could easily crisp kale in the oven to make a wonderful salad and the moreishness of dukkah in a warm beef salad.

I loved how everything was packed in precise portions and not having to feel guilty that I’ve had to leave bits of herbs or vegetables to wither in the fridge because I couldn’t find another purpose for it. I tried to plate this in the Instagram-worthy manner you laid out in your recipe cards – some days, I conceded the dish looked more like me (a royal mess) than Marley.

I had my moments of doubts like when there was a satchel of chicken stock from the USA that contained MSG and a tin of chickpeas that were imported from Italy. Would these be small blemishes if I were to compare this to the locally sourced meat and use of seasonal produce?

But my biggest concerns has been the amount of plastic, paper and cardboard that comes with each delivery. Yes, you can recycle this but placing it in the bin to recycle isn’t easy when I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

Watching the War on Waste, I could identify with the amount of food waste we experience in Australia but are meal prep services like Marley Spoon or HelloFresh the solution?

Sustainable consumption needs to be addressed from different dimensions. I admit that I feel time poor and overwhelmed when I go food shopping. Combing through nutrition labels, picking fresh produce that is in season, hunting down meat that is organic/grass fed, getting just the right portion and thinking how can I put this altogether? If someone could do all of this, I would have a bit more time to squeeze in a glass of wine.

I’ll probably have to scale down on my Instagram-worthy meal ambitions and lean back on my basics. Or I could scale up on my Keto and solve this problem with a little satchel.


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