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As frequently as we eat, we are making a choice

I missed Dr Vandana Shiva’s talk in Sydney as it was sold out but I am glad Sydney Food Fairness Alliance has generously made her speech available on YouTube. While most of her lecture focuses on the right of farming communities to non-GMO seed, this speech comes at an appropriate time when a legal battle in West Australia over the encroachment of GM farming onto an organic farm is featured as an ABC doco today.

Shiva also draws on a number of references around the failures of large scale agribusiness, specifically calling out the impact of GM on traditional farming practices. How corporations and governments through their support towards making seed an intellectual property will devastate and impoverish farming communities for the years to come. Monsanto believes that GM seeds benefits our agricultural systems because it creates a more productive and efficient system.

I don’t believe why or how GM can do this — if it creates the risks around cross contamination that we are already seeing in our existing food systems. If the demand for organic farming can be sustainable, and if we are facing shortages in the organic grain industry, why can’t we create a more sustainable outcome that is a win/win for both producers and consumers? Why do we allow big corporations to rule our food systems through the things that we buy?


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