Mary Rowe talks about the power hyperlocal communities have in making decisions and being resilient. It is where politics intervenes to make these decisions that destroys things. How self-organisation within communities bringing people together from different disciplines and background have greater power to create change that is more impactful on their communities.

An interesting insight in that lecture was how Rowe highlights disconnection in the feedback loops in cities that are challenged. How environmental decisions have not been mapped against economic decisions or how feedback loops were not in place during the decision making process.

This video spoke to my heart as I think about the large infrastructure projects such as coal seam gas that are struggling to get validation from communities. Or the backlash politicians in Australia are seeing on a raft of issues that have been earmarked for transformation – whether its healthcare, education or welfare.

Would we be a better society and would we be able to move forward on some of these issues if we had a feedback loop? But then again, would we allow our communities to participate in this decision-making process?

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